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What's more important?

The work or the credentials? I think both and a little more. What is 'a little more', you ask? A sense of humor, a desire for excellence, integrity, honesty, impeccable customer service and a positive attitude -- even if a situation is difficult; in other words, a great personality. All the stuff that can't be described easily on a resume -- or purchased.

At Webster Graphics, we love working across a variety of mediums, including website design and development, print design, logo and branding, identity design and both computer generated and hand illustration. We simply enjoy being creative and absolutely love what we do.

Would You Like to Work with Us?

Since 2002, we’ve worked with some fantastic clients from small non-profits to internationally recognized corporations. Are you interested in working with us and learning about what makes other companies pick up the phone and call us first when they've got a project in the pipeline? Feel free to shoot us a email—we’d love to talk to you about your project.

In the meantime, here is a showcase of some of the projects we've been working on with our clients. Take a look and enjoy!

Featured Websites

AnglerAutomotive website by
Angler Automotive

Kirk Norkoski of Angler Automotive in Bellingham, WA was looking to create an online presence that stood out from many of the basic automotive shops on the web. He was looking to create an unique, professional, yet still playful website, while retaining the Angler fishing theme More...>>>

Green Thumb Company website by WebsterGraphics.comGreen Thumb Company

Amy and Allen Harmon of Green Thumb Company in Ferndale, WA had been running a successful grounds maintenance business since 1988. With the change in the economy, they came to realize that if they wanted to stay on top of the game and continue to be competitive in the More...>>>

Anthropology Dept at Western Washington UniversityAnthropology at WWU

The Anthropology Department at Western Washington University was in desperate need of a complete overhaul -- both in both looks and functionality. Anthropology requested a site that could be easily updated as critical information changed quarterly and had plenty of room on the front page to add items and links as they became necessary. More...>>>

Transmission Meditation by WebsterGraphics.comTransmission Meditation

The Texas-based meditation group was a local chapter of an multinational organization called Share International. They wanted an easily updatable site to both inform site visitors about what the group was about and to post information about local meeting times and locations. More ...>>>


Logos & Branding

Pacific Rim Urology

Approachable, locally owned, contemporary yet very Pacific Northwest-ish was the look and feel Pacific Northwest Urology wanted to portray in their logo. More coming soon...>>

British Petroleum


They needed a logo for their in-house marketing communication and to indenitify their materials that used the familiar BP helios, yet that was distinctly was intended for the marketing dept. More coming soon...>>


Brand new start up compnay that wanted to get noticed for more than outstanding lawn mowing & customer service. More coming soon...>>

Bellingham Traverse: Building a Brand

They wanted to build an instantaneously recognizable brand that could be built upon, yet stay true to the "fish canning label" look that they started with. More coming soon...>>


Graphic & Print Design

Newsletter samples from


Newsletters, informational booklets and More coming soon...>>

advertising for newspapers and publicationsAdvertising

Marketing plans to fit all budgets and fresh ideas that will have your customers coming back regularly. More coming soon...>>

Marketing Collateral

Brochures, Bumper Stickers, Information and Price sheets, postcards, business cards, letterhead and More coming soon...>>

Fun Stuff

Tattoos, Team Sports Logos, School Team Club Logos and More coming soon...>>



Seattle Aquarium

More coming soon...>>

Starbucks Illustration - Retail Coffee Cups

Starbucks Coffe Mugs

More coming soon...>>

Illustration for Wildfire MagazineEditorial Illustrations

More coming soon...>>

Logos & More...

More coming soon...>>