Our philosophy on website design and development...

The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created,
created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. -- John Schaar

Our Mission

is to create value for our clients through effective execution of internet strategy coupled with exceptional customer service.

Our Values

It’s not just doing the right things, it’s doing things right. Respecting differences. Respecting deadlines. Listening to each other and especially the client. Keeping promises. Returning phone calls and e-mails as promptly as we can. Being on time for meetings.

Our success has as much to do with attitude as aptitude — what’s in our hearts, not just our heads. Our success at Webster Graphics.com depends on how much our we care for their customers, for each other and the projects we take on. People commit themselves to other people, not businesses or organizations.

Enthusiasm and caring enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things. When we do this, we want to have fun, too — because success without fun never lasts, and fun without success isn’t much fun. “Fun” for us means enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our clients, their businesses and communities, and celebrating our achievements together as a team.

Every time we serve a customer, we should ask ourselves: If I were the customer in this situation how would this experience feel for me? Did my interaction feel simple, easy and welcoming? Did my question get answered  promptly? Did the person I contacted first accept responsibility for making sure my needs are getting met? Were they able to conceptually visualize what I am saying so that I will receive what I requesting?

Customers want to do business with companies they connect with emotionally, that speak their language, can see visually what they are attempting to communicate verbally, value similar values, and help them succeed financially. To make that emotional connection, we must put our customers at the center of everything we do.

Our attitude for every project we do —is to “wow!” our customers. We know what that feels like because we’re all customers. When we help a client design their brand and logo, or when a client is ready to create their online identity and web presence for their brick and mortar business, we want them to say “That was great. I can’t wait to tell someone.” We want every client to say “I didn’t know I could get service like that. She made a difference. He solved a problem and helped me understand how I can achieve my online sales goals. I learned something new about my business and how best to serve MY customers!”

“Wow!” is as simple as a warm smile over coffee during a meeting, or the friendly, helpful answered question over the phone - or even a quick and effective response to a client's question. We’re only as good as our first impression and last connection.

Let WebsterGraphics.com be your partner in design to help create a memorable website, effective marketing and advertising materials and strengthen your brand.

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