How we work


How does the process begin? The way all relationships should begin: By listening to you. We immerse ourselves in who you are. We are all yours. We work from the premise that you know your business and your market far better than we do, so we ask questions, LOTS of questions.

Print out and take time to answer our client questionnaire. We learn about you—your goals, product, service, your business. We learn enough to give you a written proposal, a project estimate, and to simply see if we're a good working match.

Should we work together? If the answer is yes, we sign an agreement and schedule you in. Because a good 75% of our work is creating websites, we'll describe our site-building process here, but we have a similar process for our other services like logo development or designing a custom illustration.

The heart of the matter

Supply us with all the text, images and any logos, together with some marketing material showing what you currently do, and your ideas on what you would like to see on your website. For some, writing copy is the painful part, the sticking point that stops a project before it even gets started. But content is the core of your site, and it must be done right. What activity or response do you want to encourage from your site visitors; what story do you want to tell, and what sort of "voice" will tell it?

Not enough time or not sure how to speak the language that users find compelling? Do you need someone to guide you through the writing portion of your website? We'll refer you to talented partners who'll help you develop copy that speaks directly to your customers.

Depending on the complexity of the site, we also ask for data modeling which shows us what you want on each page of your site. These details help us fine-tune the cost of your site and lead us to the design phase. No models? We can either recommend a colleague, or we can guide you in defining your project needs and create your model for you.

Design isn't just another pretty face

Website design works hard, transforming a thumbnail sketch, a model, or a blank screen into a living, fuctioning experience that powerfully and creatively communicates to your users so they can effortlessly find what they came to your site for.

Our job at Webster Graphics is to bring your site to life, to attract and hold your users attention, to communicate your message, to infuse the site with the essense of what you are all about, yet somehow be invisible, so your site visitors are both impressed and wowed without ever realizing how or why.

The dance begins

We take what we've learned about you, the services you need, your content, your model, and our design sensibilities, and with a deposit and your go ahead, we begin creating our first set of mockups. This is when you'll first see our rendition of how we've interpreted your ideas into a living, breathing reality.

After our first mockups, we ask for your reactions. We make changes in response to your comments—refining, massaging, andtweaking until we have the perfect solution (within the number of revisions we agreed upon in our contract). We recommend that you choose the smallest team possible to judge our work and make final decisions. "Design by committee" leads to below-average designs with above-average prices.

Our process is fluid

We flow with the needs of your project. Creativity & exploration may bring new ideas; digging into the site may uncover unexpected needs. Changes can pop up even during final site checks. We understand and will accomodate them - we realize that this is a vital part of the creative process!

After the design & backbone of the site are created and basic page content is reviewed, we test to ensure the site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. A preview of the site is then made available for any alterations that are needed. After approval, the rest of the website will be developed. The website is further modified until the client is 100% happy, then after receipt of remainder of payment, the site is uploaded to the host ISP and a back up is delivered on a CD.

Our web design clients range from small start-up companies to individuals to corporate businesses. With our varied experience in graphic design, print design and website development, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, we can deliver.

Feel free to browse our portfolio gallery to see more of our work.


To Contact us directly:

Mornings are usually best, 9.30am to 12.00pm. If I am not in the office, please leave a message or you can drop me an email using the link below. Normal business hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday through Friday,
Phone: 360.778.3211

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